Nos ateliers thérapeutiques

Ecriture et Fleuve de Vie


Genre TKI ?



Puppet show on brown background

Les petits contes

мальчик и девочка в театре теней




light blue background with bubbles

L’Ancrage: une alternative à l’école

Silhouette of a climber on a vertical wall over beautiful sunset

Week-end « Ressources » – soutien à la parentalité

Growing concept eco Group hand  children planting together on soil backgroud

Qui suis-je ? (ados)

Young pretty teenager girl and paper airplanes flying around

Mieux vivre ensemble (enfants)

Children's group in a cardboard box playing safari

Mieux vivre ensemble (ados)

Friends in Circle

Corps à Coeur (troubles alimentaires)

Lack, violation of human rights liberty. Young lonely woman sitting in glass jar isolated grey wall background. Suppression of freedom, restrain, employee working conditions, life limitation concept

Mosaïque (Enfants dysharmoniques)


« Harmonisons ! »

Family of superheroes on the beach. People having fun outdoor. Summer vacation concept


Young brothers talking with tin can telephone

« Viens, on va se raconter … »

small beautiful child reading a book

Cerv’ Haut (hauts potentiels)

Kid. Thinking child with a blackboard in the background

Arborescent (adolescents)

Conceptual technology illustration of artificial intelligence. Abstract futuristic background

« Autour de l’école »

Child with backpack and a books pile

Gestion du stress et de la concentration

Handsome teenager acive boy riding skateboard on books

Psychomotricité relationnelle

Group of happy children playing with colorful balloons

La Bibliothèque

Composition with books on the table.